Machines Services

At T&H Sheetmetal, we have the equipment to complete any stainless steel / aluminium / mild steel job, large or small.

Our state of the art and expansive range of machinery include:


Light to medium Steel Bending

T & H Sheetmetal has the capacity to bend light to medium steel in sheets up to 6 metres long, with our range of 3 Press Brakes.

These machines represent the very best in Press Brake technology. T & H Sheetmetal’s 3 Press Brake machines offer varying capacity, providing immense flexibility and productivity potential. The benefit for you is faster and the most cost-effective turnaround on your project. Our bending stations include:

  • One 220 tonne machine, 4.3 metres long
  • One 250 tonne machine, 6 metres long with 500 Throat
  • One 60 tonne machine, 3 metres long

Each of these Press Brake machines also provides high and close tolerance bending for one off projects or large quantity repetition orders.

NC Guillotining

At T & H Sheetmetal, we have 2 NC Guillotine machines, with cutting capacities up to:

  • 6 mm in thickness for mild steel
  • 3mm in thickness for stainless steel
  • maximum sheet width of 4 metres.

Our NC Guillotines can cut a variety of metals into almost any consistent shape, including:

  • Sheet metal
  • Plate metal
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel – zinc plated or uncoated

We can even cut material that you supply if that suits you.

Guillotine cutting is a cost-effective alternative to water cutting and is suitable for products that don’t demand absolute precision  (tolerance 0.3mm)

T & H Sheetmetal can recommend the best cutting solution for your job.


Techni Waterjet Cutter


Purpose: Cutting of all materials up to 150mm thick
Specs: Bed size 6000mm x 3000mm x 5 x Axis. Cutting up to 60 Degree Angle

6000_x_3000_waterjet_cutter_010 6000_x_3000_waterjet_cutter_008 6000_x_3000_waterjet_cutter_001 6000_x_3000_waterjet_cutter

Techni Waterjet Cutter

Purpose: Cutting of all materials up to 100mm thick
Specs: Bed size 4000mm x 1500mm x 3 x Axis Cutting




Kleen Pressbrake
Purpose: Folding & Bending
Specs: 6000mm long x 250 Tonne capacity


Dye Pressbrake
Purpose: For folding and bending
Specs: 4100mm long x 220Tonne capacity full CNC back gauge


Adira Guillotene
Purpose: For cutting of raw material
Specs: 4100mm long cut x 5mm thick Stainless steel capacity


Flat Bed Polisher / Stroke Sander
Purpose: Sanding & Polishing
Specs: Stainless steel sheets 3000mm x 1500mm { up to 1200 grit finish }


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